Hi, I'm Georges Dubus, I'm a french PhD student doing some hacking on his free time, and here is my tentative of a blog.

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, but never really did it by lack of content idea, motivation, and platform. I have finally gathered enough time and courage to do it. For the first post, here is a little technical review of the tools I used to create this, and a few words about what to expect here in the future.

Creating the blog

The blog generation engine I use is pelican, which is written in python by Alexis Metaireau. It's a nice, simple blog engine with posts in rst and page templates in jinja2. That way, I could create the layout with my usual IDE, PyCharm, and I can edit posts with emacs. The whole thing is hosted as static github pages.

The theme is based on the default pelican theme, with some modifications. The main modification is the color theme, which is based on a palette I found on the internet and I liked.

Future content

As for the content of this blog, it should mostly be technical articles about python stuff and the code I write, but maybe more eclectic content about other things, like my thesis if I find something blog-suitable to say, or some interesting thoughts I may have.

By the way, the name of the blog means "Compile thyself" in french, and the title of this post is what the french scientist starts his speach with in "Close encounter of the third kind".