Welcome to the third issue of This Week in NixOS. Nix is a purely functional package manager that aims at solving old problems with a new approach, and NixOS is the distribution based on Nix. This is an overview of what happened in the development of NixOS and in its community this week. A lot of things happen in a lot of places and I might miss some, so if you want to make sure that something is mentionned in the next issue, send me an email!

Nix itself

Nothing new in Nix. However, emacs users will be happy to know that the nix-mode has been added to melpa.


A change in openssl led to a full recompilation of nixpkgs, which hammered the hydra build machines for a few days. This sparkled a discussion on the mailing list on the best way to handle security updates quickly.


The new NixOS website gets a wonderful packages search page.

A call for help

This week's issue is quite short. My sources include watching the git logs, the mailing list, and asking on IRC at the last minute. This means there probably are many interesting things that I missed. Therefore, if you are a NixOS contributor and do or see something interesting, please send me an email or ping me on IRC (I'm madjar) to make sure no good deed stays unpublished.